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TimberStrong deck panels on walkway

TimberStrong is the name of the unique hidden fastener system and panel decking we developed specifically for the construction of floating aluminum docks and similar products with composite deck boards.

TimberStrong fasteners are used to fasten deck boards together into a single panel. Installing panels instead of single boards results in increased productivity on the job site, which means lower labor costs. This is the number one reason to use TimberStrong Panels! Specifically, using TimberStrong fasteners and boards saves time and labor, and reduces the need for rental equipment, reducing costs as well as negative impact on the environment.

Material that is panelized using the TimberStrong fastening system is easily attached to aluminum frames and not the deck surface. Therefore, the fasteners eliminate nail pops and the possibility of catching bare feet on exposed screws.

Along the Couderay River in Radisson, Wisconsin, an adaptive and accessible kayak launch was installed in October 2022. It provides universal access to the river regardless of ability or disability and has numerous ADA-inspired features.

There is a 120-foot-long accessible composite boardwalk that leads from a trailhead access area. The boardwalk is supported by fiberglass pilings and consists of prefabricated aluminum deck sections. The frame of the boardwalk is an aluminum tube frame with composite decking featuring the TimberStrong fastening system.

Aluminum floating docks, boardwalks, launches, and other products, allow for the movement of waters and tides while maintaining their strength and integrity.