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Frequently Asked Questions

Increased productivity on the job site, which equates to lower labor costs, is the number one reason to use TimberStrong Panels! We encourage you to view the installation video as well as read the case study to better understand how the panelized TimberStrong System can save you money.

Panels can be made in virtually any width up to 12 feet wide.

Because our panels may be used in environmentally-sensitive areas such as marinas, light penetration to Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) is a major concern and is usually dictated by local or federal environmental agencies. The standard TimberStrong Fastener spacing size is  3/8″ but they are available upon request for 1/4″ and 1/2” sizes. Spacing size should be specified when the order is placed, otherwise, all panels are supplied with a 3/8″ space between boards.

Normally, the fasteners are located on approximately 2-foot centers but can be customized to a customer’s exact joist layout at no additional charge.

If the fasteners are located directly in line with the corresponding joists, fastening can take place directly through the TimberStrong Fastener. For irregular joist layouts, the decking can be attached directly through the deck surface.**

We recommend that fastening be made through all TimberStrong Fasteners.

Yes, we offer a split fastener that allows easy removal and reinstallation of panels.

Yes, a single board can easily be removed and a new one installed in its place using the Split TimberStrong Fastener.

Yes. Because the attachment between deck boards is not at the edge of the panel, trimming and notching can be easily completed to fit a customer’s specific layout.

We recommend contacting one of our sales staff to locate your nearest TimberStrong dealer.

** Attachment through deck surfaces must be in accordance with deck manufacture’s specific instructions or applicable building codes.

***Joist locations must be in accordance with local building codes, as well as the deck board manufacturer’s specifications. This includes specifications for all wood species as well. TimberStrong, Inc., assumes no liability for improper joist spans or location, or their supporting structure (foundation).