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Deck Panels

For Marinas, Docks, Piers, Boardwalks, and Other Projects

Install Decking 4 Times Faster

  • Three Versatile Spacing Options

  • Panel Widths up to 12 Feet

  • Use 50% Fewer Fasteners

  • Use Almost Any Kind of Decking, Composite or Natural Wood

  • Panels are Easily Replaceable and Removable

  • Panels Can be Notched and Cut to Fit Specific Layouts

  • Reduce Labor and On-site Job time by 76%

The TimberStrong® Deck Panel Fastening System

Like all clients, your project is unique, and so are your needs. The versatile TimberStrong system allows you to fully customize your project’s dimensions, wood color, spacing, etc. Whether you are building new or replacing old decking, TimberStrong can meet your needs.


The TimberStrong system is perfect for all large and small projects. Board widths can be any size up to 12 feet. Because the fastening system works between the boards, and not at the ends, you can easily trim, notch, and install the boards around pilings and other objects. There is no limit to the length of a dock, pier, gangway, or other decking surface.


TimberStrong uses sturdy composite lumber that can span 24-inch centers and is excellent in moist environments.

Spacing Options

The TimberStrong fastener standard spacing size between the deck boards is 3/8″ with options upon request of 1/4” and 1/2”. TimberStrong fasteners are not sold individually—they are only supplied as part of the TimberStrong Panel System.

Replacing Panels Is Easy

The TimberStrong system allows for easy removal and replacement of individual deck boards within a panel with the use of TimberStrong’s split fastener.

Cut & Remove

After removing the screw, use an oscillating tool to cut the fastener on both ends of the fastener. Remove the fastener and both ends that remain inside each board.

Install Split Fastener

Using the end of a screwdriver, insert half of the new split fastener into each hole. Split fasteners are cut on 45 degree angles so be sure that they align. For the boards that remain connected, it is best that the split fasteners are angled to be open.


attach deck panel

Insert the new split fasteners into the replacement board facing down to align with fasteners already inserted into the adjacent boards. Put the board into position, align the fasteners, and secure all fasteners with screws into the frame.