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Green Heron Docks, Jacksonville, Florida

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  • Project Name Green Heron Docks, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Description A residential pier consisting of nearly 1,300 square feet of decking
  • Challenge Green Heron has developed a “top-down” construction method, greatly reducing the impact on the natural vegetation under piers. This construction method eliminates disturbing the fragile ecosystem in the area of construction. In addition to the construction of the substructure, they were looking for a decking solution that was eco-friendly while economical to install.
  • TimberStrong Solution TimberStrong suggested using composite decking for the project. Once accepted, 5-foot-wide panels were manufactured for the main pier section and 12-foot-wide panels were made for the terminal end of the dock. Materials were delivered to the job site and installed by 2 carpenters in only 8 hours.